Explore Toronto Free

"The best things in life are free," so the old adage goes.

Explore Toronto for free. There are walking trails across the city. There are streets and alleyways where they're worth walking and getting blisters. Discover places where only your foot can take you---this city has lots of them. You just have to find time to explore them alone or with someone.

Biking around is another way to get to know this city while getting on a TTC streetcar offers passengers a different perspective. By just standing in Union Station during rush hour, one can feel the surge of humanity in one place, in one second---people moving in different directions.

See the rest of the "The best things in life are free," so the old adage goes.

EXPLORE: Walk / Ride

1. FREE. Take a walk from The Beaches westward to sunnyside park on the boardwalk (or bike).

2. FREE. Go to Dundas Square. There's always something happening there on weekends.

3. Ride the 501 Queen Streetcar. It is the longest route on the TTC with 15.4 miles of double track, and is one of the longest streetcar routes in North America.

4. Take a train ride through High Park

5. FREE. Walk the entire PATH, the city's underground walkway linking 28 kilometres of shopping, services and entertainment.

6. FREE. Explore Toronto alleys.

7. FREE. Spend the last Sunday of the month (only from May to October) at Kensington Market. It's pedestrian-only streets

8. FREE. Have a coffee in the cafe at the corner of Baldwin and Augusta before 8 AM on a weekday and watch the people who pass before they go to work

9. FREE. Visit the AIDS Memorial at Cawthra park, behind 591 Community Center at Church Street.

10. FREE. Walk and explore Toronto's famous Yonge Street, the World's Longest Street. Yonge Street is full of restaurants and shops, everything a tourist could want.

11. FREE. Hike the Bruce Trail. Located in the North, this is a beautiful trail that lets you see something besides the buildings of Toronto as you walk through the forest.

12. FREE. Cabbagetown. Take a drive or walk / explore through Cabbagetown and marvel at the city's most impressive collections of Victorian houses.

13. FREE. Get off at Museum subway stop and take a photo with / of the Totem Poles. Very unique.

14. FREE. Sit upstairs at Union Station during rush hour.

15. FREE. Watch the sun rise/set from the end of the Leslie Spit. Or at Harbourfront Center.

20. FREE. See the city's skyline at dusk. This is a truly amazing sight. Don’t forget your camera!

21. Check out the view from Panorama Restaurant. On the 51 floor of the Manulife Centre, Panorama has 2 of the country’s highest patios.

22. Peek inside the Toronto Reference Library. It might sound boring, but inside this amazing historical building you’ll find a waterfall and elegant pool that turn this bland place into a paradise.

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