Santa Speedo Run 2010

Santa Speedo Run (SSR) in Toronto started in 2005. Rain or shine, they did it without much ado. In freezing cold and in snow, they pulled it through. That's how serious they are in making a difference for the lives of others.

SSR is not just a winter event in Toronto and definitely NOT SOLELY for fun. It's not a Speedo Fashion Show. These "athletes" in nothing but flimsy red lycra run for a mission: to raise money for a CHARITY. Yes, for a Charity--for the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids.

Since 2005, the group has raised $140,000.

Details and other info

Men and women can be a part of The Run. Whether you are large, medium, small in body size, it really doesn't matter. You are there to raise money for Charity and not to flaunt your awesome curves and pecs (but that helps, of course!).

Since the temperature is freezing cold during the run, the route will not be really that long (less than 3 kilometers). Participants are encouraged to think happy thoughts to keep themselves warm.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Santa Speedo Run
WHEN: December 11, 2010 / Saturday

Hemingway Restaurant
142 Cumberland Street

TIME: 1:30 PM

How to get there:
Subway: Get off at Bay Station

Walk: Depart and head South on BAY ST (82 metres), turn right at CUMBERLAND ST (238 metres). Total walking distance: 320 metres. Total walking time: 4 minutes.

Participants for 2010 SSR should be at Hemingway Restaurant earlier than the scheduled run at 1:30 PM to register.

What To Wear

What else, but SPEEDO?

Red Speedo, of course. You can't imagine a Santa wearing a different color, right?

Speedo undies for both men and women are provided by the genrous Samaritans at Speedo Canada. The earlier you arrive at Hemingway, the bigger chance you'll get one for yourself. And they'll provide socks, too!

Please bear these things you need when joining the 2010 Santa Speedo Run:

1. Pledge sheet / pledges, or entry fee.

2. Speedo (in case you're NOT one of the first runners to get a complimentary Speedo).

3. Running shoes

4. Seasonal attire (Santa hat, beards, antlers, reindeer noses, etc)

5. Knapsack/gym bag to keep your street clothes in, while we’re on the run.


Each participant are requested to raise a minimum of $250.

If you are planning to join, register, set up your online findraising or download a pledge sheet.

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